dhē-1, redupl. dhē-dh(ē)-

dhē-1, redupl. dhē-dh(ē)-
    dhē-1, redupl. dhē-dh(ē)-
    English meaning: child word for “grandparents”
    Deutsche Übersetzung: Lallwort der Kindersprache for ältere Familienglieder
    Material: Gk. θεῖος “uncle”, θεία “aunt” (*θη-ος, θη-ᾱ), τήθη “grandmother” (from *θη-θη), Ital. (Ven.) deda “aunt” (?), Gk. τηθίς “aunt” (in addition GN Θέτις); Illyr. deda “ wet nurse “ (Krahe IF. 55, 121 f.), also probably originally zur root dhē(i)- “ suckle “; Lith. de ̃de, de ̃dis “uncle” (but diẽdas “ graybeard, old man, elder “ from wr. dźěd ds.), O.C.S. dědъ “grandfather”; similarly Ger. deite, teite, Swiss däddi “father, elder “, Russ. djádja “uncle”.
    Note: Turk. dayi “uncle” derived from Russ. djádja “uncle” while Alb. daja n. f. “uncle” could have existed before turk. dayi “uncle”, however, Alb. cognate is phonetically identical with other cognates: also turk. hala “paternal aunt” : Alb. halla “paternal aunt”, turk. teyze “maternal aunt” : Alb. teze “maternal aunt”.
    References: WP. I 826, Trautmann 47, Schwyzer Gk. I 193.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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